About me

Why game design


No really, if you've spent more than a minute on this website, you've probably correctly concluded that I love games. They say that pictures say more than a thousand words. I think games can say even more than that. You're not just watching a story unfold, you're living it.


I have been gaining experience in all pillars of game development now. I'm currently working as an analyst developer at Itineris, where I work on UMAX, an ERP package that focuses on the utilities market. I have learned to cooperate with big teams and what it means to be a cog in a well oiled machine. Before that, I worked as an artist/scripter at Animotions. I worked on architectural visualisation projects, but also created a toolchain in MAXscript to speed up the most important processes in the workflow - freeing up time for the artistic decisions to make the final result better. And finally, during my internship at Larian Studios, I did some QA work and documentation updates for Divinity 2: Ego Draconis, but most of my time was spent on doing the level design for a puzzle game.

Digital Arts and Entertainment

I picked up all these skills during my education. I started out as an industrial engineer, however, I discovered that a new course specialised in game development would be started in Belgium, I was stoked and knew this was my destiny (It was in my home town - that's clearly a sign!). The only problem was that it would take another year before the first students would be accepted. I decided to enroll in another course at the same school, Multimedia and Communication Technology, where I picked up some webdesign, photoshop and programming skills. I managed to convince my parents to allow me to jump ship and after a 3 year long journey, found myself versed in c++, 3D modeling and completed a successful internship as game designer.

The person behind the game designer

Since I was young I've been a sucker for anything that has epic stories and fantastic universes. Games are of course one of my favourite means of getting a fix of that. As a kid, I've spent many hours behind the TV playing Final Fantasy or trying to catch them all on my beloved dot matrix with stereo sound, falling in love with the characters and the stories. I knew I wanted to create these amazing experiences for others. I invented games to play with my friends on the playground, started writing my own stories. Of course none of them were fair, as rules tended to bend into my favour, but we had a lot of fun doing it.

I also enjoy reading (I'm a big Wheel of Time fan), playing boardgames and cardgames, and always preferred creative hobbies like origami and playing in a band. I like asking why questions, even when they don't make sense to others because they take the answers for granted. According to the MBTI type indicator, I'm an INTP (nicknamed 'The Architect', a title that I'll proudly wear) which means I think before I speak, and plan before I act. It also means I am usually very easy-going, don't anger others or myself easily, and have a talent for thinking ahead and being level-headed in crysis situations.

I'm still searching for a nice job in the game industry, so if you like what you've seen, feel free to contact me!

My resume

To find a summary of my skills and experience, click here for my resume in low resolution (screen) or click here for my resume in high resolution (print).

Hire me

If you're looking for a designer with a versatile skillset, who's able to communicate well with both artists and programmers alike, look no further. Shoot me an e-mail at contact@davyroelstraete.be!